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Rev. Dr. Larry Hilliard

Rev. Dr. Larry Hilliard

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1 Cor 10:13 13 No temptation[a] has overtaken you except what is common to humankind. And God is faithful; God will not let you be tempted[b] beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted,[c] God will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.

Have you ever been reading a book or paper and notice a typo? What did you do? Correct it or ignore it? What would you do if you caught a typo on the Bible?

It’s happened.

In 1717 one bible changed the Parable of the Vineyard to the Parable of the Vinegar.

In 1613 a Bible had Judas going with his disciples to Gethsemane not Jesus. The same Bible stated Ex 20:14 as “Thou shalt commit Adultery”!

This is why we are told we should always proofread our papers. Can you imagine the confusion and false beliefs these must have caused? I believe they were simple mistakes but maybe with far-reaching implications.

I think we have done that when we casually tell someone; “God won’t give you more than you can handle”. We mean well but is that helpful and is it biblical? It seems to tell the person 2 things; 1. God has given you a tough thing to handle. 2. You should be able to handle it.

Paul was writing to the believers in Corinth to answer some questions. They, like all Christians, were new to the faith. Corinth was one of the most beautiful cities in Greece but also one of the most sinful. It was full of idols and statues of gods, not GOD. The way people worshiped these Mt. Olympus gods worked its way into every part of society. If you went to the marketplace to buy meat you had no idea if the animal had been sacrificed to an idol. You wouldn’t believe in the god but the meat was dedicated to false gods. Was this wrong? Was it unhealthy? Did it make God mad? Would it cause other folk to stumble because you as a Christian were eating unholy meat?

Paul lets them, and us, know that no temptation is too hard if we turn to God for help. So it’s not that we won’t be given more than we can handle by ourselves; it’s that there’s nothing God can’t handle. I think we can be more helpful if we let people know that no matter how hard their situation is; they don’t have to bear it alone. God is with them and God will bear it when they can’t.

Also, if we read Gal 6:2, we are told that “we are to bear one another’s burdens…” so maybe it’s not that they have too much to handle. It’s that they don’t have too much for them, God and us to handle! Go be the people of God and help our sisters and brothers share the load of their troubles with God and us.

Grace and Peace, Larry


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Spotlight in Service

Students from the choir at the Mississippi School for Mathematics & Science made a visit to the Mississippi Gulf Coast on November 7 as part of their Sights & Sounds Tour.  The students stayed at Seashore United Methodist Assembly in Biloxi and were treated to a spaghetti dinner by members at Leggett Memorial UMC, Beauvoir UMC, St. Paul UMC (Biloxi) and the Seashore
District Office staff.  The choir performed several numbers before dinner for the guests .  The school is located on the Mississippi University for
Women's campus in Columbus, Mississippi.